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Asian Age & Deccan Chronicle

Olga Tellis, Experienced Journalist, was the first one to write about Gratitude India. She believed in us as she genuinely considered Amne Samne Jobs, the brain child of Gratitude India, to be a game changer.

Naiduniya, Jagran Publication

Virendra Vyas, Journalist based out of Indore, enlightened the app further by publishing an article about Amne Samne Jobs in entire Madhya Pradesh.

Financial Chronicle

Renowned 6th Most read financial newspaper, Ritwik Mukerjee, based out of Kolkatta, tapped the Kolkatta MSME market and acquaint the majorities in the city through his article.

The India Express

Manoj More from Pune, believed in Gratitude India's Amne Samne Jobs After discovering the usage of the app in Pune market and was amazed to see the print ads and radio jingles to seek candidates attention & thus The India Express published an article to edify Pune hyper locals.

Business India

Lancelot Joseph, an expertise in writing from Business India based in Mumbai, connected with Gratitude India's Spokesperson to gain more knowledge on talent acquisition and how Amne Samne Jobs was creating jobs.

Maharashtra Times

Omkar Bhide, journalist from Times Group Pune, to divulge the undermined talent in Maharashtra, wrote about the App to reach out the untapped segment.

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